Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Sweet Tips Nails!

Today I have some long overdue swatches of  Sweet Tips Nails .

Back in October when Jen launched her new shop on Etsy,I contacted her and asked if I could review a couple of polishes.

Here are the three she sent me. 

                                                                    Here is Dr. Pepper, both shots taken outdoors.

 Inspired by  the carbonated beverage of the same name, this is a red leaning brown, with sparks of gold and red. To me it appears to be a nice shade of copper. I barely needed two coats for coverage.I would say one and half would be more precise,lol :-)

I love me some "Mounds" inspired by the candy bar of the same name. This one is loaded with dark brown and copper hex glitters,along with white bar/string glitter that resembles coconut. I got full coverage on my pinky nail,over my SOG manicure. The index and middle finger, I layered Mounds over Dr. Pepper.

I can't decide which looks yummier, Mounds or Gummy Yummy. So I will let your sweet tooth be the judge.

"Gummy Yummy"

 Do you like Gummy Bears? Well if you do you will love this  candy  inspired confection !

This is two dabbled coats of red,green,yellow,orange and white matte glitters suspended in a clear  base,swatched over "Dr. Pepper" .  I  think it looks way prettier swatched here on Jen's Etsy store.

So that concludes this review. You should get yourself some sticky sweets from Jen's shop.

They're homemade AND guilt-free!

 You can't go wrong there!

Monday, February 25, 2013

My first SOG manicure.

I like the options we ladies have now. The at home DIY manicures have been around for a couple of years now. However, there are so many DIY kits now, that anyone has a variety of brands to choose from.

The products used for this manicure are:
1. Gelish Vitagel Recovery: an LED light-cured nail strengthener. I applied 2 coats after prepping my nails with Gelish PH Bond.
2. Gelish Soak Off Foundation Gel.
3. Knockout Nails two-minute UV light color.
4. Gelish Top It Off top coat.

To cure these I used a Red Carpet Manicure LED lamp. I'd purchased the lamp when I splurged on some RCM polishes after the holidays.

I do have a 36 watt UV lamp, but the LED lamp takes alot less time to cure.

New Hard Candy Releases Exclusively at Walmart

Thursday, February 21, 2013 Giveaway!

Hello my fellow followers and readers! I know I have been gone for a time. Thank you for sticking with me. :-)

I just have a quick giveaway plug to make about the lovely Andrea over at

I recently started reading her blog,when I went searching for swatches of Gelish swatches. I love the idea of having a no chip manicure that will last up to 21 days,and so without further ado, I would like to post this announcement here, and declare my undying love for gel nail polish (LOL)

So here are the deets.

Andrea is having a giveaway that will include a gel polish system called Laquit.It is the first gel polish system I have heard of that allows you to skip allot of the prepping steps, involved with gel nail application. You won't even need a base or top coat!

Giveaway includes the items in the photo above. The giveaway will last until February 28th,and is open to both US and Canadian residents. So click here to enter this fantastic giveaway!