Sunday, June 10, 2012

My salon mani

As I just mentioned in my previous post, I have extra busy with work. It's been hard on my natural nails.After I had put so much time and energy into doing the Ask Cosmetics nail challenge,and growing out my natural nails,it was such a disappointment to me to slowly watch as my nails tore one by one a few days at a time. 

Having a decent paycheck behind me,I decided to treat myself to a salon manicure. I have had acrylic nails before.Let me just say,the technician who did my nails on Saturday was superb. I wished I had met her sooner. She was so gentle with the instruments.I had the white tips applied,and then she did the build up with the Solar powder,which is said to last longer than regular acrylics. My previous nail tech was very rough with the instruments that are used to file down the hardened acrylic after it's applied. He had been so rough with those instruments that my nailbeds hurt. That was some time ago. 

I took this photo in the car with my cell phone. My only complaint is that the tips look a little like duck feet,lol. Overall though,I was pleased with my experience at that particular salon. 

Do you wear acrylic nails or gel nails, and if so how do you like them?