Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pretty Purple Polish 50 Follower Giveaway

Wow! What awesome polishes these are! This giveaway is open internationally and ends February 9th,2012 Click here to enter! Good luck!


Hello again! Today's post feature's a polish that was supposed to be for Pink Wednesday.Time got in my way,the sun went back inside,and I had no way to take outdoor shots. So I took these indoors in artificial light.

This is just two coats of Revlon Starry Pink. I've had it for awhile.I picked it up at Target,along with it's sister Blue Mosaic,which I haven't worn yet.

I liked the formula.I love the nudish-pink base,and the glitter is amazing! I don't believe this photo does it justice,although I am really loving the sparkle on my nails!

So how do you like this color? Are you fond of pale pink polish?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow up review of the Knockout Nails UV Hardening system

I wanted to write a follow-up review of the Knockout Nails system . Having paid for it with my own money, I feel that is necessary to follow up with a few of the things I noticed about this system,that I didn't find out until after having used it for some time. First of all,I bought the system in early December.The people at Knockout Nails were very good to send me a replacement UV lamp,when I called and alerted them that the lamp I had received was not lighting up properly.They sent me a replacement lamp,without my having to return the whole system,which was very good of them to do. I received my replacement lamp near the end of December,so that delayed the amount time, after I bought it, to actually start using the system.

Please excuse me if my thoughts don't seem quite organized on this issue. I am still on the fence about wether I would actually keep the Knockout Nails system,even though it is too late for me to return it for a refund.

As with all products I will advise "buyer beware." Yes,some of the claims that are made about this system are correct. The product does harden your nails. And yes, you can wear your own polish,and use regular nail polish remover with it. This allows you to have the ease of an at home UV "gel" manicure and not have to invest in polishes that are especially made for the system. I use the term "gel" loosely in this post,because this product is not actually advertised as a gel. The product is a hardener,and as I said before,it does harden the nails. 

On to what I have found that I do not like. I wore glitter nail polish for New Year's Eve.I removed it with the foil method and acetone-based polish remover. The hardener remained on my nail,except for one nail which seemed awkwardly marred by the acetone.By this I mean the hardener seemed to have puckered,and there was also a big space where there was no hardener at all.

Fast forward to Jan 23. I removed the glitter worn in my last post,with the foil method and non-acetone polish remover. Naturally non-acetone takes longer to remove glitter,and as I had to leave the foil on longer,I was shocked to see that on most of my nails half of the nail,from the cuticle forward, the hardener was removed.Big gappage. Something to remember here though, you do have the ability to go back with your system,fill in the gaps with bonder,and fill the gaps also with hardener,so that you get a smooth finish once again.So that is fixable in a sense. 

You also have your REMOVE FILE.Here is another problem. The remove file,no matter how hard I tried,I couldn't remove the rest of the hardener that was left on my nail with the remove file.I filed,and filed,and filed away,or I like to  akin it more to buffing,not filing.  If I polish my nails now,and upload photos,you will see a visible line where there is no hardener, and where the hardener picks up. As I am going naked soon,I will not go back and fill the gaps.However,in order to remove the rest of the hardener,I will probably have to use acetone,because I want my nails to be in their natural condition once I start the Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge mentioned here .

And that brings us to the final point I want to make about removal methods. I haven't tried any other type of in-home system,like Red Carpet or Gelish soak off methods. I know that these systems require you to soak off the gel polish. I didn't like the idea of using that type of system in the first place,because I know any kind of soaking,wether it be in acetone,water,or a special solution,will weaken the nail plate. I believe that Lisa explained it the best when I read her Facebook update here . Essentially, water,and I believe any of these other liquids I mentioned,once they enter the nail tissue,cause your nail to swell,and then as quickly as they go in,they evaporate,causing the tissue to shrink.This is what causes dry,brittle and weak soft nails,like I have had. I did notice that two of my fingernails,felt very weak,not hard,after I used the foil method with non-acetone polish remover. I don't know of any other really reliable method to remove glitter. And the fact that the rest of my nails are still "hard" is due to there still being some hardener left on the nail.

I know this is a long rant,I told myself I would try to make it short,before I wrote it,however,writing it,has made me realize that the Knockout Nails system is just another artificial means to helping you have long "strong" nails that you wouldn't normally have. I wouldn't go back to wearing glue-on nails,for sure,but I still believe there are some epic fails with this system.

In closing,I will say,that if I could return it and get my money back,I might. I am not sure if I am comfortable with having to use this system, the rest of my life,as I  will always have to fill in the gaps once hardener has lifted, and my  natural nail beneath the hardener,and without the hardener, will return to it's weakened state.

This is my honest opinion on the Knockout Nails system,after having used it for a whole month.

After using this system I can no longer recommend it's usage due to the above reasons.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glitter Rocks!

Hello dear readers! 
This is a photo of the polish I've been wearing since Saturday.It's Wet n' Wild All in the Cut. It's shown here pictured in artificial light,wearing two coats.This is such a pretty glitter.It's  a lavender microglitter in a clear  base with small round pink glitter.

I didn't think I would be posting another NOTM (nail of the moment) but when I found out on Wednesday,that I had been accepted as one of the participants in  ASK Cosmetics Inc. Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge   , I realized that maybe, after being naked since around the 9th of January,I really want to knock out a few more nail posts before I actually go naked for 12 weeks!

It's funny how when you know you're not going to be able to wear nail polish for 12 weeks,you suddenly want to wear it. I haven't felt like doing my nails recently due to their poor condition,so I am super excited and eager to try Lisa's nail care products! If you are interested in following our progress,you can keep an eye on Lisa's Nail Care blog . She will be posting photos of our before nails,during and after photos as well. You can also follow the progress by Liking Ask Cosmetics Inc. FB page or by following Lisa on Twitter!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bunny Nails First Giveaway

Open internationally until Feb 17th,2012 Bunny Nails is have a huge giveaway! There will be 13 winners!!!

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I thought I would post a little update :-)

I haven't polished my nails since Jan 4th. And I don't intend to until I am ready. I haven't forgotten about my blog. I am still reading my favorite blogs,tweeting,and rarely on FB. I don't want to wear drugstore nails anymore. So I am waiting for my nails to grow out to a length that is comfortable for ME. I really can't polish my nails until that happens. I have a commitment to myself to see this through.

I am a bit puzzled by my nail growth. My non-dominant hand (right) nails are growing out well at the same length except for the index finger. The left-hand,my nails are still super short.So those seem to be growing very slowly,except for the ring finger,which is way longer than the others. I haven't cut any of the length back on any of my nails. I am still taking the Collagen for Hair and Nails from CVS.Taking biotin too.

I have had it on my mind to do some makeup and skin-care related posts.

Other than that,I hope you will stick around.It may be awhile before I return with anything nail-related,so please be patient with me,is all I ask. Thank you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nail Polish Wars 250 Follower Giveaway

Contest is open until January 29th. Nicole is giving away two of her custom-made lacquers,along with some other great goodies pictured here.

Here is the link to enter Nail Polish Wars 250 Follower Giveaway!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Too Late for a Pink Mani...and the Foil Method

Color Club Foil Me Once

It looks a little sheer maybe? I've had this on for a couple of days. I kind of like it.A nice soft pink foil.It covered in one coat,but I used two. I love the Foiled colors. This is just one of them.

And speaking of foil...I can't help but mention this on here tonight,because I had tried the Foil Method of glitter removal before,with Acetone and I decided to ask some of the ladies in the Facebook group, about using the Foil Method with non-acetone polish remover.I've been on the fence about using my glitter polishes lately,because I don't want to damage the Hardener from my Knockout Nails treatment.

Since using the system,I've found that acetone can damage the layers of hardener,if you immerse your nails in it,like I do with the Sally Hansen Kwik Off. This has been my go to method of removal for most polishes,however,with glitter it's a different story altogether. The other nite,I must have spent an awful lot of time,just removing glitter by soaking cotton ball after ball,and scrubbing my nails viciously until China Glaze Marry a Millionaire was not completely off.I then scrubbed my nails with a toothbrush and hand exfoliating scrub. That did most of it,but gosh,I didn't have to go through all of that!

I also asked my twitter friend @For Me,It Works tonight,who was about to remove a glitter mani,using the very same method.She told me non-acetone works for her!

I performed a little experiment,just to be safe,on one nail.I layered Wet n' Wild It's All in the Cut,and then a layer of China Glaze Marry a Millionaire. After it dried,I soaked a cotton pad in Beauty Secrets non-acetone,wrapped my thumb in foil,waited for about 15 minutes,and woila,my nail was bare,and my hardener from Knockout Nails still intact! Yay!

So,there I learned something new and very valuable and necessary for me.Thank god I was willing to try it,as I would have to give up my entire collection of glitters,and OMG,I am just over the moon for the next batch of glitters to come out in spring the ChinaGlaze Prismatics! Did I say I was going on a no buy for 6 months? Eh...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Knockout Nails UV Hardening System Review

Sometime in early  December I saw a review of  Knockout Nails  on The Shades of U Makeup blog. After I saw her review I was very impressed,but decided to  google a bit,to see if anyone else had reviewed this new at home salon system. It turned out that Phyrra had also done a review of the system.I used Phyrra's discount code,and got the system for $10 off. Here are some pics of the system.

this is a pic of the lamp I received.
A closer look at the two buttons on the lamp.

The inside of the lamp.You can see the bulbs on each side,there are also two bulbs on the ceiling of the lamp.
The items included with the kit are
 a) Lint-free cleaning pads
 b) Cleaner
 d) Hardener
 e) 3 bottles of 2 minute nail polish in red,taupe,and pink
  f) Cuticle oil
  g) top coat
  h) 3 types of nails files-File,Smooth,and Remove
  i) orangewood cuticle sticks (not pictured)

here is a before photo of my right hand nails

This is an after photo of the same hand. Notice the glossy finish.That remains even after you've applied your own nail polish and removed it.Or if you don't like a high-shine gloss,you can buff with the Smooth file for a matte finish.

1.File your nails to your desired shape.
2.Clean your nails with the Cleaner and lint-free pads.
3.Apply Bonder.
4. Apply Hardener.
5.Cure under the UV lamp for 2 minutes.(it's already pre-timed for you)
6. Apply a second coat of hardener.
7. Cure again for 2 minutes.
8.Clean again with the Cleaner,as there will be a tacky residue after curing.
9.Polish your nails.

You can polish your nails with the 2 minute polishes that come with the kit,or you can polish your nails with your own nail polish. Yes,I said you can use your own nail polish! Isn't that wonderful?! 

I love this system.For me it's a miracle,because before I used it my nails were so soft and squishy they would tear at the slightest touch.Seriously. I've tried alot of treatment products,not knocking them,but they haven't worked for me. Now my nails are hard to the touch,shiny,even after polish is removed,and another really great thing is that you can use any polish remover,and it will not damage the hardener.So you can change your polish as many times as you want.

I hope you enjoyed this review.Thank you so much for reading.

Edited Jan 31st: I no longer endorse the purchase of this product.